Jameela Jamil Says She Eats Trolls After Commenter Calls Her BrokenJameelaJamil at ‘The Good Place’ FYC occasion at the Saban Media Center on June 7, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.RobLatour/Shutterstock

Watch out, haters! JameelaJamil skillfully slapped back at a Twitter customer that terminated away at her for slamming a weight loss application.

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“You are broken,” the.ment check out. “Not everyone should have to be treated with kid gloves just because a few people can’t handle it. It’s called evolution.”

Jamil,33, responded and also retweeted the message: “I’m not broken. You are just a f–knugget with the emotional intelligence of a banana.”

Jameela Jamil Says She Eats Trolls After Commenter Calls Her BrokenCourtesyJameela Jamil/Instagram

TheGood Place celebrity hammered her factor house using Instagram on Wednesday, August14 “I eat trolls for dinner,” she created. “Ps. This clown was saying this regarding an app for KIDS from @ww that teaches them from the age of 8, how to diet. F–k that app.”

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Jamil more clarified the threats of revealing youngsters to the program. “Encouraging children to learn calories and ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in weight loss, and monitor themselves in numbers that they are too young to ingest responsibly. Are we ever old enough to emotionally handle those stupid numbers that don’t tell us much about our actual f–king health at all,” she proceeded. “If you are a parent and you allow your child at the age of 8, to start ingesting diet culture and fat-phobia by themselves on their phone, then you are f–king up.”

The starlet, that has actually been open concerning her previous battle with anorexia nervosa, remembered her very own comparable experience. “I was 11 when I was put on my first diet. And it ruined the rest of my life, because I developed an irrational terror of food and fat,” she ended. “Say no to this hugely irresponsible app by @ww they just continue to be the worst.”

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Jamil has actually proactively banged celebs such as the Kardashians for advertising diet regimen items on social networks.

She disclosed her background of body picture problems throughout a May episode of EmergingHollywood: “By the time I was about 11 or 12, I had very, very bad body shame because I wanted to look like all of the anorexic models in my magazines, and I was fully anorexic by the time I was about 13.”

Jamil informed Us Weekly solely in January that her outspokenness originates from “owning up to my mistakes, owning up to my ignorance and willfully educating, showing people that I’m educating myself and educating them alongside me.”

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JameelaJamil Says She Eats Trolls After Commenter Calls Her &#03 …