Their wedding day is ultimately right here! YouTubers TanaMongeau and also JakePaul are readied to stroll down the aisle and also claim “I do,” throughout their wedding on Sunday, July 28– much less than one month after they obtained involved. But despite the fact that the pair has actually just been with each other for much less than 3 months, it looks like their love is as solid as ever before. In a pleasant video clip homage to her fiancé labelled “I love you, Jake Paul,” Tana spurted concerning her hubby to be.

“The other day in an airport, a girl came up to me and asked me why I love you, Jake. People actually ask me that a lot and I’m sure people ask you that about me too, but I guess that’s beside the point here. I realized in that moment that the only person I never want to question why I love you is you. Because I love you,”Tana, 21, claimed in her video clip. “Like on some I listen to love songs and smile now s–t, on some I fall asleep smiling, Notebook s–t. I love you and it actually still scares me so much to say it because once I say it and it’s somewhere other than my head. It real and to be quite frank, I am so used to losing everything I love and I don’t want to lose you.”

She took place to reference a verse in Russ’ “I Wanna Go Down With You,” that goes: “I wanna slow dance while they’re screaming.” Tana clarified that the verse implied to her that it would certainly constantly be her and also Jake versus the globe. She claimed all her life she’s really felt that she’s never ever been comprehended which Jake is the only individual she’s ever before satisfied that’s ever before completely comprehended her.

“It isn’t just I love you. It’s thank you. I’m thankful for everything bad that’s ever happened to me because it’s led me straight to you,”Tana proceeded. “ Thank you for going through every single thing I’ve gone through but 10 times worse so that you know exactly what to say to make it all okay. Thank you for lighting a fire in me that no one else could light a match to. Thank you for waking up the kid in me and making it all fun again. Thank you for working so hard that I wake up every single morning thinking, ‘If Jake can do that, so can I.’ Thank you for freeing the creative juices in my head like a f–king river. Thank you for loving me even when it might be so hard to. Thank you for never ever ever ever ever giving up on me or losing patience and for always pushing me to be the best version of myself because that is the truest form of love you could give me.”

She finished her almost 8-minute-long video clip with one last thanks to her fiancé. “Thank you for slow dancing with me while they scream. I love you,” she claimed.

TanaMongeau Shares Video Tribute to Jake Paul on Their Wedding D.